3 Steps To Become a Good Content Marketer and Sustain Client Relationships
September 21, 2020

3 Steps To Become a Good Content Marketer and Sustain Client Relationships

There are still many people who know only a little, or sometimes even nothing about content marketing. What they do not know about the industry is that it holds a lot of potential when utilized accordingly. Successfully knowing how to make use of content marketing will lead the business to greater heights.

It all just starts with walking the clients through the problem that they are currently facing. It is also essential to let them know that you understand that they are the experts in whatever they are talking about. 

As a content marketer, however, you must learn how to see if a prospective client is worthwhile or not. This means that you must not only look at the amount they are willing to invest in you, but also on the project’s overall potential.

Here are the different stages on how you can successfully provide your clients with solutions to their problems:

Step 0: Introduce the problem.

A content marketer can begin a deal with a client by asking them which types of advertisements run the best conversions. This can be ultimately done by showing them that there is a need for them to have Facebook ads for their business. A content marketer can show its clients the reasons that their digital marketing efforts are not performing well.

Letting the clients know that there are indeed factors that contribute to the poor performance of their digital presence is only the first step. Providing specific courses of action is the next phase for them to see that you are capable of helping them.

Highlight the gap between where they are right now, what they are doing, and what it is that makes it wrong. After that, proceed by telling them what they should be doing instead to improve their performance.

Step 1: Position yourself as an expert.

Clients now realize that there is a problem and that you will be walking them through to solve it. At this point, a content marketer can introduce to them some steps they must take to arrive at a solution. For example, one can format it as either “5 Steps to Do X” or “5 Ways to Make Your First $1000 Using Facebook Ads.”

By suggesting some steps that they can take, they will have a checklist of some sort. This checklist can help them assess the resources they will be needing. Showing them solutions are necessarily at the top of a content marketer’s funnel.

Step 2: Let them learn more about you.

Now that they have a quick fix, you can start letting your clients learn more about who you are. At this point, slowly present your case studies, testimonials, and other things that can further help in positioning oneself as an expert. This way, the clients can see how they can trust you with all the information presented in front of them.

Also, highlight any questions that they might have. At this point, you start talking a little bit about your offer so they might ask whether what you are offering is right for them or not. Most clients will ask how they can best benefit from the deal, and this can be one of the reasons that will make them hold back from investing.

Step 3: Have a nurture sequence.

A content marketer must continuously talk not only to its clients but also to its prospects. Even though some of them might not want to buy right now, the interest may grow in them after a couple of months or even in a year. Maintaining a nurturing relationship with them makes sure that they will know how to reach out to you when the time comes.

Someone that is taking a while to decide and finally buy from you might still be considering many factors before investing. Sometimes, they do not yet have enough money and are not, however, ready to invest in service still novel to them. 

Maintaining the connection with your market does not necessarily mean continually conversing with them. It can also come as constant postings and live streams that can make them see that you are legit and you are not going anywhere.

It is also important to remember how to have different post types to give value to the community. As different sets of people have different wants and needs, do not feel overwhelmed because you can still leverage other people by making them share their knowledge. 

Mostly hitting all the nails on the head will give you a reliable and constant lead flow. Understanding the whole journey you want to tread on as a content marketer on a bird’s eye view is critical to succeeding in this field. This will create a path where you can take your clients to.

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