3 Steps to Develop Confidence and Authenticity
September 15, 2020

3 Steps to Develop Confidence and Authenticity

A lot of people are only showing one way to become an entrepreneur. They tend to let the public see the dream, all looking the same. When everyone is just the same, you are doing nothing more than just merely selling. Some do not really aim for six figures to earn, and there are those who just want to make extra money to go through college.

There are many other types of people, and there is no single way to become a marketer. Authenticity is paramount because it shows your genuine and unique personality as an entrepreneur. Being authentic allows you to pull more clients together as they naturally gravitate towards authentic people.

Even with the ads, people come across on Facebook, the few posts that catch their attention are the real and authentic ones. The glossy and high-produced ads do not perform well with our eyes being used to advertisements that we just scroll past them.

Step 0: Do not get away with self-development.

Be honest with yourself with what your journey looks like. This will be your story to tell the public. Remember that your journey is unique among the others and people can easily see if you just copied it from someone else’s life.

One of the biggest things to do is by only starting now and sharing your journey to other people. Please do not feel like there is a need to get to a particular benchmark to be able to tell them your story. Start on your story now in terms of where you are in life so you can bring them along with you and have them watch you grow.

Step 1: Overcome mental barriers.

The only way to overcome any barrier is by merely getting through with it. The more attached you are with your “why”, with your purpose of doing something, the more you are able to focus on that. Putting your attention to your goal will make you feel like you are talking to an actual person instead of just a camera.

No matter how long you delay overcoming these mental barriers, you will still eventually need to face them. You will need to submerge yourself in it, and you will find yourself slowly getting comfortable with it. Trust yourself and eliminate any doubt telling you you might not know much of the topic you are going to talk about.

You do not necessarily need to post every video that you make. Filming will without posting will help you start getting in the habit of making videos and get the process into your system. Forget about the camera being in front of you and just tell your own story. 

Step 2: Build a personal brand through power videos.

There are few powerful things specifically for agency owners to start building their brand. For one, you can use your Facebook profile to post 60-90 seconds worth of value videos. This can help you start building authority for your agency.

Even a 90-second video on a single narrow topic will make people start seeing that you know a lot of it. In return, they will either begin to come back to you more often or see that history on your page if they look you up.

You can also do the same strategy to other platforms used for client acquisitions like LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger. A minute of those videos will give a real personal quality.

It is also best to film a bunch of videos in one day and scatter them out for your content for the whole month. Even if it takes a couple of hours, it will help you save time for a month’s worth of time.

Step 3: Knock out a video on a single take.

The preparation part of taking a video is essential to figure out so you will not have to take as many takes if you notice your confidence and energy level dropping as the video gets longer, cut the filming and take a step back.

The biggest thing to prepare you for a video is by coming up with a script and an idea. By script, this should be in bullet points so you can have a guide and not get lost along the way. 

Talking out loud while practicing what you will say is also an effective method to master your lines. This lets you figure out the exact words you want to say. Only practicing it in your head does not make you hear it the right way.

Saying things out loud can help in making sure you choose the right words and the right tone to deliver it once you film it. Practicing also helps your brain remember it and leave it in your memory. 

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