4 Steps to Successful Prospecting with the Right Framework and Mindset
August 25, 2020

4 Steps to Successful Prospecting with the Right Framework and Mindset

Several people are struggling to decide whether or not they want to become an entrepreneur. They find it difficult to determine the right people to sell whatever they are offering and establish connections with them. 

Know how to successfully land your first few clients with the right approaches towards prospecting, sales framework, and the best mindset below:

Step 0: Do not have blinders on.

Though family and friends can help you start building networks, they are also the most underutilized assets. Starting as entrepreneurs, we tend to have ego problems and hesitate to reach out to them. However, they possess many potentials because they know so many networks and business owners.

Do not forget the people that you have in your current community. This can range from your parents to their friends, your friends, friends of friends, and so on. Remember, even the people that you communicate within your church, school, and community friends.

The best way to get started is by choosing to get up, go to and go to the next local business meetup. It does not matter if you create zero opportunity from that gathering.

The fact that you took action to take yourself into that position of actually being an entrepreneur and the mindset are the ones that matter more. Upon acquiring that first opportunity, everything else will begin to follow.

The people that you have talked to will spread the word when they get the chance to see the quality of your work. How you deliver will determine how they will speak about you to other people.

Step 1: Identify who you can help and how you can help them.

Upon identifying the people, you can help, go to their Facebook profile and comment on their posts, and create engagement with them. Be selective in choosing what to comment and select those that you can leverage yourself to.

These engagements do not necessarily need to have a pitch or any of the same sort. The goal of interacting with them is only to help these people. This can help you acquire more prospects who can see your comments on the post and eventually make them ask questions to you.

The Facebook group prospecting method works well and is highly useful to introduce yourself to different communities. Through the said method, you will not need to sell yourself upfront to the clients and make them curious about what you can offer instead.

Step 2: Master the art of prospecting.

The problem with people today is that they are doing several things randomly in the hope that it will fit. Even though these things end up fitting perfectly, they cannot duplicate them because they do not know how to replicate them.

Choose whether to have a prospecting or a nurture offer. The former can be done by making an offer to get someone on a call. One example of such is by conducting a competitor’s analysis, often done by asking a stranger from the internet for a chat.

Nurture offer, on the other hand, is made by initially offering to freelance for a prospect. After doing so, tell them that you can explain it to them easier though call and ask for at least 20 minutes of their time.

The call eventually ends with you leaving them two options: the first one is to give them the piece they need without asking for anything in return, while the second is by telling them you can do it for them instead by offering your service.

Step 3: Remember to have substance for everything you do.

Always have substance in everything that you do. If you do not have it, people will sniff that out miles away. Clarify to the public what is real and not by showing frameworks on the things you do.

It is common for most people who are just starting in the industry to regret such a thing immediately. They treat it as something that they do not need with the belief that they can still make money by doing other things.

Not knowing the who, what, when, and why in this field do not provide you anything like an entrepreneur. When you work with someone, you should bear in mind to have a transformation statement.

Step 4: Know how to get yourself to the results.

An entrepreneur should create a transformation in the lives of its clients. Knowing where you are taking them is crucial to understanding because it is what people are buying from you. It is easy to tell them that you can bring them from zero to five thousand dollars, but all the clients care about are the results more than the promises.

Typical mistakes entrepreneurs make that affect the transformation process is pitching themselves and their services. Though it is not all bad, they forget to understand the pain points and sell specific solutions.

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