6 Phases That Lead To Sales Mastery
July 1, 2020

6 Phases That Lead To Sales Mastery

We all face the same seasons that come and go every year. The same is true for our businesses. Seasons of prosperity and hardship happen even to the very best. 

And just like any other season, hardships eventually pass but they ultimately come back again. Upcoming entrepreneurs and marketers need to realize that this season of hardships is vital. Before you master your sales and build your confidence, you are bound to experience rejections and failures.

Here are the different phases business owners go through before they achieve sales mastery:

Phase 1: The First Sale

After making your first sale, you can’t help but want for more. You realize that you can actually convince people to buy your product or service and you can do more - this feeling becomes addicting.

The urge to become more as a marketer is fueled upon realizing that you can effectively talk to the person. This is in addition to the fact that you were able to make them see the worth of your service through a guided conversation.

Phase 2: Facing Adversities

Sometimes, people around you will not trust your capabilities and may see you as someone who can be easily replaced. This can be a factor that may hinder you from pursuing your goals.

You will be knocked down. But the important thing in this situation is how you bounce back. Start by knowing the reasons why you aren’t growing. Sometimes, it is because you are not with the right people. Associate yourself only with people you can foster healthy relationships with.

Phase 3: Overcoming Sales Adversity

It isn't easy, especially for beginners in the industry, to acquire clients that will believe in your skills and hire you. Sometimes, the best sales can be found by selling door to door or pulling the trigger to make thousands of cals. Despite the countless rejections that will confront you, some of these doors can lead to big projects.

Understand that rejection is part of the game and that every no brings you that much closer to a yes. Sales is a numbers game.

Phase 4: Building Confidence

Deal with anxiety triggered by sales rejection by willingly embracing it. Facing and handling rejections are part of the journey you need to take to achieve your goal.

When having hesitations because of rejections, remember that somebody else is going to get it if you let it go. When you bear that in mind, you will be willing to do more things and overcome more hurdles on your journey.

Phase 5: Framing and Approaching Calls

A sale can be made when you initiate and offer something. However, you can also frame it by asking them what they want to gain from the call. Allow them to talk to you about the things that they need to be addressed.

The point of a sales call is to figure out a prospect’s pain points and goals. Essentially you want to know what it will take to get them from Point A to Point B while positioning yourself and your service as the perfect solution to bridge that gap.

Phase 6: Evolving the Sales Process

The most important thing to remember before starting a sales process is that it should be a personal and conversational relationship. Do not focus on one hard-line tactic. Instead, try having a conversation and then reframe their thoughts when you make an offer.

For example, the client talks about their need to have more leads. You can begin by agreeing that anybody wants to have as many leads as they can. Second, ask them how they define a “quality lead”.

Lastly, repeat their answer and ask them if they want to work with a company that does what they are looking for. Reframe their needs and offer it to them. If it makes sense to them, they will decide to buy.

One best thing to remember in the field of sales is this: You can never listen yourself out of a deal, but you can easily talk yourself out of it.

At the end of the day, learning from other mentors, courses and coaches was equivalent to learning how to ride a bike with training wheels. It’s enough to get you started, but eventually you need to take that framework, innovate on it and make it your own.

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