How To Consistently Grow Your Agency… WITHOUT Spending A Single Dollar On Advertising.
July 7, 2020

How To Consistently Grow Your Agency… WITHOUT Spending A Single Dollar On Advertising.

If you are thinking of promoting your business to reach more clients, the first solution that comes to mind is paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook. It is a common method most businesses use, and you’ve probably read tons of case studies to back up its effectiveness.

However, an advertising budget may not be a priority at this point. Well, you don’t have to worry because you can actually promote your agency for free!

All you need to do is be resourceful, think outside the box. Of course, you have to put in a lot of effort, creativity, and perseverance. 

Here are the steps on how to consistently grow your agency without spending a single dollar on advertising.

Step 1: Reach Out to Your Family and Friends

Do not hesitate to ask for help from your family and friends. When I was just first starting, I was very hesitant to ask for help. It's the ego thing that keeps me from reaching out to them.

Don't overthink too much. You won't look unsuccessful and desperate if you ask for help from your relatives and friends. I would like to challenge you to put aside that kind of mindset. Start asking for help from them since they might have a broad network that you can tap and help your business to prosper.

Your family and friends probably know a lot of business owners that need your service. And some of their networks are people that you don't know. Never hesitate to ask for their help.

Step 2: Join Facebook Groups

If you are selling a service, you need to figure out where your audience or target market spends most of their time. Keep in mind that each of the target markets has different behaviors and hobbies; you need to reach them in their hangout groups.

Facebook groups are gold mines. Type in the kind of service or product you are offering and join their Facebook groups. Reach out to the business owners, pitch yourself, show them your value, and propose to fix their concerns about their business.

All you need to do is go to your Facebook account. Type in [local business + area/place] (location-based) or [business type + owner] (niche-based) on your search bar. After doing it, you will see a lot of business groups and pages to browse on. Join them, and you will widen up your business's horizon and opportunities.

Step 3: Post on Your Wall

Are you working on your brand? I want to stress the importance of personal brand. A lot of people are against it; however, in whatever you do, the personal brand follows you everywhere.

For instance, you are working at an advertising company, and you are a Facebook ads kind of person. You get fired, and you apply to another job. And you came running against a person who is also in Facebook ads, yet she or he is building up his or her brand, shows authority, and he or she is showing results and expertise in the field.

Most likely, the person who has extra expertise on their resume gets hired. Personal brands are essential when it comes to reaching out to businesses and building your network. Try to curate good content on your social media accounts about your field of expertise.

The moment business owners try to look for your name on Instagram or Facebook, make sure that your posts and feed speak loudly about your credibility and reliability in your product or service.

This step must be done after you join a bunch of business owner groups. Post your results related to your specific niche. You can also post some of the testimonials and reviews. If you know what you are doing, let the clients come to you.

It is also recommended that you must clean-up your wall and get rid of random posts from the past, most especially if those posts can taint your process of building authority.

Step 4: Referrals from Current Clients

Aside from friends and families, I also believe that your existing clients are one of your assets. Referrals are one of the best ways to scale for free. If you are providing a satisfactory service to your clients, there is no way that they won't recommend you to other people.

Incentivize them through bonuses, commissions, or discounts. For my clients, for every person, they refer to me, and I close them. I give them $500 straight-up. But if they give me three new clients, I make their next month's bill for free.

It can be just as simple as a text message. Referral methods are the best leads since they trust the person who referred you to them. It is the most successful method in building your agency so now.

Do not be afraid to give referral bonuses. Think of this as your investment to scale your business. 

Step 5: Upsells!

Once a customer, always a customer. When you start working on a business's solutions, you'll land on other things on that specific business that needs to be taken care of. Upsells are things like website designs, SEO, social media, etc. where you are charging your clients for additional services once they’ve already paid you.

Because here’s the thing. If you’re getting great results for your clients, they would be HAPPY to spend more money with you. Remember, once a buyer, always a buyer.

I know many people that have a mindset that they need to spend a lot of money to grow your business. Brush it off your head and understand that you just need your laptop, creativity, and resourcefulness, and you are good to go. Document your journey, be consistent with your efforts and have fun with it!

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