Pivot your E-Commerce Business And Achieve 6 Figures With These Tips
July 28, 2020

Pivot your E-Commerce Business And Achieve 6 Figures With These Tips

Living in a world that revolves mostly around technology is terrific. Things that are done manually and require maximum physical effort before can be finished in minutes. With this growing online community, businesses also evolved to keep up with it. The rise of E-commerce is the global trend in digital marketing.

Starting your E-Commerce agency needs a lot of effort and consistency. In today's post, I will be sharing tips to pivot your E-commerce business and achieve 6 figures.

How To Build a Long-Term Sustainable Business

1. Decide your Why

The first thing you have to keep in mind before you start your own agency is to figure out your 'WHY' and your story. Your 'why' is one of the primary keys to building a long-term sustainable business. 

This 'why' enabled a lot of successful entrepreneurs to keep going every day in the business, hustling endlessly and consistently introducing their brand in the market. Discovering your 'WHY' is a powerful tool to be your anchor towards success and will provide you direction. Tell your story continuously and let it be known to your target market. 

2. Find the Right Clients

Working with clients that are not passionate about their business will be ineffective, no matter how good of a marketer you are. People who are just in it for the fast money will blow up every effort you put into. So, you must choose the clients you work with. 

Find clients with the same mind frame and passion as you. Sharing the same values with people you work with will make work a smooth sail and guarantees a high success percentage. Set expectations and a timeline to ensure that you're not falling through any cracks, and all are met. 

3. Be Honest with your Clients

A typical turn rate for a client or brand falls between 3-5 months or longer. The vital thing to consider in dealing with clients is, to be honest. Tell them straight up your opinion and the time you need to turn their marketing game on track and show significant results.

4. Client Retention

Consistently improve your work and refresh your content from time to time. Take advantage of significant cultural events and associate your marketing strategy. For example, in partnering with an activewear brand. An annual marathon happening can be used to leverage and create a movement that will benefit both parties.

Generally, the formula with E-commerce clients is just giving them the results they want repeatedly. Be creative and innovative in finding ways to improve your content.

5. Keeping at it every day

The amount of effort you exert and your drive will determine your business' success. Find ways to improve your content and be consistent. Doing these will bring you one step closer to becoming a sustainable and long-term organization.

Sales Tactics and Approach

Two of the core services that E-commerce agencies commonly offer are Social Media ads and Page Management. These two work hand in hand to ensure success in digital marketing.

Video ads without an active supporting page will break the marketing groundwork.

When online users see ads, they tend to lurk on the product's pages. Seeing an inactive page will throw potential consumers off, so the right management and constant updates in the page are needed to be effective.

Client Approach

As much as possible, try to engage your clients in a conversation. Not instantly dwelling on the crucial business part, but getting to know the brand and marketing stand first.

If you are new in the e-commerce industry, it is advised that you present your potential clients with sample ads, content and ways you can do to improve their brand. It is essential to devise a strategic sales script that you will be pitching to your clients. 

Pricing Structure

In a typical e-commerce business, the more adspend of clients, the higher the packages and price range. Clients appreciate it if you tell them honestly the amount they will be spending every month in availing your service. Transparency with your clients is one way that you can earn their trust and ensure the efficacy between your partnerships.

Finding E-Commerce Clients

There are numerous platforms where you can find prospective clients. Many digital marketers started from Upwork and later on got referrals from satisfied clients. It is vital that you build your brand and continuously provide quality content to gain experience and a good impression from clients.

What to look for in a Discovery Call

A discovery call is a two-way conversation between you and your prospect. The time where you will be applying your strategic sales script while getting to know the client's market situation. However, it is vital to take note of certain things in a client before working with them

Three of the main things to look for in every discovery call are:

  1. Making sure the clients can afford your services.
  2. The client has a great passion for his/her business.
  3. A concrete proof that people would buy and love the client's products.

Brand Marketing

Branding is what your business represents in the market. This enables you to build trust with your future clients and will speak volume towards the services you offer. Treat your business as a person and imagine the personality it will give off in the market. Align your values, products and services to build a good brand.

Branding impacts everything, from product aesthetics, imagery, font and ad content. Make ads that will fit your client's content bucket and be consistent.

Creating a Good Brand 

There are times where the branding that the client usually has does not sit well with the values of their product and can be misleading. The significance of honesty and telling straight up to your client what you can do to improve it will be appreciated. 

Ask your clients to treat their business as a person and let them describe it in 4 or 5 words. These words will best define their product and what you can utilize in giving their product a better branding. The secret formula for effective branding is just sticking to it and making sure of its consistency. Try to innovate and find ways to improve without disconnecting from your brand.

It is OKAY to Rebrand!

There is nothing wrong in rebranding. This is a powerful way which can pivot the client's business and be its leverage. Think of the company as a new person, with new and exciting things to offer—a necessary step to level up your game and make use of the powerbrand.

Common Mistakes in Rebranding

Rebranding is okay as long as it is done right. Listen to the feedback you get and use it as constructive criticism. This will help you improve your brand changes without putting away your brand value.

Customer Service

Customer Service works hand in hand with branding to ensure that you retain clients and receive positive reviews. A simple gesture, like sending personalized Holiday cards to your clients, will take you a long way. Another thing is to work closely with your team to guarantee that they also learn your values and provide quality service to clients.

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